Cleaners Stratford – Professional Cleaning company in E15 and E20 Area


In a world of cleaning companies we aim for the top! We not only promise, we provide and deliver! This is an innovative company designed to satisfy your needs as customers and fulfil your every desire in the house help business!

Cleaners Stratford

At our company we deal with a lot more than cleaning services. We aim to deliver the customer something more than just a service; we aim for security, satisfaction, and peace of mind. Our employees are experienced and know how to please our customers in order for them to feel happy when hiring Voila Cleaners! Here are the main services we provide:

The first of our very convenient services is the Domestic Cleaning Service. This kind of service is regular based and is designed for people who don’t have the time and efforts to do all the boring house chores. We all know what it is like to come home and wish for a little time for you. That is why at our company we can provide this for you in order to deliver you the proper relaxation. Our cleaners are wonderfully versed and know what you might want of them. They can do all the things you are tired of doing in order to save you a lot of time and provide you with security about the condition of your property!


The next service we provide is the Office Cleaning Service, which is similar to the domestic one but is on another level of detail and expertise. In this case we provide the customer the pleasure of working in a clean sanitised environment in order to do his job properly. We understand how time-taking can the sanitising of the working place be and that is why we can work on any kind of working place. Whether you are at a gym, a studio, an office or a pub it won’t matter to our cleaners because our job is to make the customer happy! We are here to help and assist on your daily life in order to take some of the burden off your shoulders!

Another service we provide is the One-off Cleaning Service. In this scenario we can say we are very flexible. Here you can hire a cleaner or a number of cleaners for a period of time of you’re choosing. The minimum is three hours and this service is very suitable for people who haven’t tried our services yet and wish to give it a go or for people who don’t have the time to plan so much ahead. Here you can ask our cleaners to turn special attention to an area or any other service you might require. This option is designed to make the customer feel the freedom of choice as well as the peace of mind when it comes to necessity of cleaning.

Moving on to the next service takes us to the Spring Cleaning Service. This service is one of our most detailed and thorough options and it has no time limit. This means our cleaners will stay at your property for as long as it takes to make it fully sanitised. The potential danger of microorganisms living in every dark corner of your home is no smaller than any other health hazard. We at Voila Cleaners Stratford understand the need of a healthy home and strive to provide it at the fullest. Like every living thing needs to be renewed and prepared for the upcoming season cycle, and so does your home. Take a chance to recognise the meaning of true sanitising and providing the necessary health care for your family!

The next service of ours is the End of Tenancy Cleaning Service. In this case we provide an amazing opportunity for the estate agents and landlords! When the old tenants move out of a certain property we understand how tedious it can be to clean after them. Since it is a must for this cleaning to be performed we at Voila Cleaners Stratford provide this service for anyone who might need it. Don’t waste your time to relief yourself of the hassle and call our lines for a free quote on our prices!

And now we will present the clients with an opportunity that will leave them breathless! This is the Carpet Steam Cleaning Service, designed with efforts, care and new technology in order to make the clients satisfied and amazed at the same time. In that service we can work our magic with any kind of contamination and stains on your carpets or rugs. Anything from food, to makeup and any other thing that might darken your lovely carpet will be our pleasure to clean! Our steam based technology is new and our machines work with environmentally friendly detergents in order not to be polluting for the environment.

The next service we provide is the Upholstery Cleaning Service. In this scenario we use the same steam based technology but on a much more detailed level. This is the opportunity for you to beautify your surroundings in an amazing way in order to feel great and happy at your home and enjoy what you see around. Our technology works no louder than a vacuum cleaner and is more than capable of dealing with all sorts of stains. Our workers are very experienced and know exactly what detergent your couch or armchair need! We can even clean your curtains! Don’t hesitate a single moment to beautify your surroundings and receive the proper attitude from Voila Cleaners Stratford!

Another truly convenient service we provide is the After Builders Cleaning Service. This is an opportunity for people’s comfort after the renovation has finally ended and the crew of loud workers has left all their junk in your home. All those toxic waste stains of paint, cement and dust will be our pleasure to help with! You can just sit back and relax and let the team of Voila Cleaners Stratford to do that annoying and boring job for you! This time it will our turn to take the burden off your chest and let you enjoy the proper free time you deserve! Don’t waste a single breath to call our lines and receive a free quote on our prices in order to spare you the tedious hassle that comes with those kinds of chores!

And now we are suddenly standing in the kitchen… we look around… and what do we see? There are greasy stains on the cooker, burned stains in the oven, coffee stains on the coffee maker. All those dirty things we see on our kitchen appliances are natural and originated from utilising the appliances. But what about their sanitising in the proper manor? We present you the Oven Cleaning Service! This time it is the service designed not only for loving house wives but also for caring husbands! The best way to make your kitchen appliances look like the day you bought them is by calling our lines and receiving our free quote on the prices in order to start changing your life to the better!

And last but not least we offer our customers the Property Maintenance service that is another kind of service designed as usual to relieve the clients of their problems. This time we deal with something more serious than just dirty stains. This time we deal with any house hazards you might think of! Your pluming has gone bad? Your stairs are creaking and reminding you to fix them? Your electric fuses have burned off? This is the time where we come in for the rescue! We at Voila Cleaners Stratford provide not only stability but also security. Our handymen are vetted and more than capable to deal with any house dangers in order for you to avoid taking any risks when it comes to your property maintenance.